Indian Process Plant & Machinery Industry

Indian Process Plant and Machinery (PPM) industry that has estimated capacity of US$ 6.00 Billion per annum has made significant contribution in establishing the Indian Process Industry. The association represents a world class pool of talent in engineering and management skills, having proven track record in basic design, multidisciplinary detailed engineering, manufacturing of plant & equipment, transportation, installation, construction at sites, erection and commissioning of process plants.

The Following statistics will give a good idea about the contribution of Indian PPM Industry in building up the Indian Process Industry :

India having 3.17 million square kilometers land mass and over 1.02 billion population is one of the fastest growing economy in the world. It has well-developed Process Industry. India has petroleum-refining capacity of over 160 Million Tonnes per Annum(MTPA). The world’s Largest grass root refinery with 32 MTPA capacity is located in india. It has a number of gas cracker complexes with down stream facility producing 5 MTPA plastics and polymers. Indiaproducs 15 MTPA of Fertilizers; and has the widest range of chemicals like Caustic(2.4 MTPA), Soda Ash (2.7 MTPA), and sulphuric Acid; Dyes & Dye Intermediates and Fine Chemicals. India has fast growing Pharmaceutical Industry with well-developed Drug Intermediate manufacturing facilities.

PPMAI members provide products and services to diverse range of industries in india and abroad such as:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Hydrocarbon Refining & Processing
  • Fertilizer, chemical, Paper & Pulp, Synthetic fibre
  • Food & Dairy
  • Environtment Control
The members also participate in the Infrastructure Projects like Power Generation, Ports Water & Effluent Management & Airports. PPM industry, which has developed all round skills with ingenuity in the former Closed Economy, Haas now become Globally competitive in the new liberalized environment in India. It has exported its systems, equipment & services to almost every part of globe. Its contribution to Process Industry in Middle East, South East Asia & Africa is significant.

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