Adeka India Private Ltd

Company Details
Year Established Contact Person Mr. Kailash C. Trehan, GM
Head Office Address Unit No.202 Wing B Dynasty Business Park, Adnheri Kurla Road, Andheri East City Mumbai
State Maharashtra Pincode 400059
Country India Telephone 022-40263301/2/3
Fax 022-40263306 Mobile
Website Email,
Factory Employees Other Employees 6
Total Employees 6 Paidup Capital
Reserves & Surplus Total Capital Rs.3 Crores
SSI Registration number n,a, Installed Capacity
Financial year 2008-2009 2008-2009
Domestic  3.4  3.4  
Total  3.4  10.33  
Countries to which Exports have been affected  n.a.
Harmonised Code
 3812.3090  Additives for Plastics
ISO  n.a.
Certification  m.a.
Customer Group  Petrochemicals ,Chemicals
Profile - Highlights  
Products manufactured  Additives for Plastics
Joint Ventures  Japan - Adeka Corporatin, Japan, Owner of 90% equity , Marketing support

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