Alfa Laval (India) Limited

Company Details
Year Established Contact Person Ms. Neeru Pant, Mgr. Mkt. Comm.
Head Office Address Mumbai Pune Road, Dapodi, City Pune
State Maharashtra Pincode 411 012
Country India Telephone +91 20 27107 100
Fax +91 20 27147 711 Mobile na
Website Email
Factory Employees 310 Other Employees 715
Total Employees 1025 Paidup Capital 181.60 Mn
Reserves & Surplus 2136.6 Mn Total Capital 2380.8 Mn
SSI Registration number NA Installed Capacity NA
Financial year 2004 2005 2006
Domestic  na  na  na
Exports  na  na  na
Total  5279  5878  6062
Countries to which Exports have been affected  Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal for direct exports and SE Asia and select countries for projects
Customer Group  Petroleum Refining, Power Generation, Petrochemicals, Chemicals , Non-Conventional Energy Industry, Fertilizers , Pharmaceuticals, Infrastructure , Textiles , Agriculture & Food Processing
Profile - Highlights  Leading global provider of engineering products and solutions in three Alfa Laval core technologies – centrifugal separation, heat transfer and fluid handling.
Products manufactured  
Joint Ventures  Alfa Laval AB, Sweden parent company for all Alfa Laval products

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