Aarvi Encon Pvt. Ltd.

Company Details
Year Established December 03, 1987 Contact Person Mr. V. D Sanghavi, MD, Mr.Jaydev Sanghavi, ED
Head Office Address Unit No. 155,ist Floor, Shah & Nahar, Industrial ,(A-1) ,Dhanraj Mill Compound ,Sitaram Jadhav Marg, Lower Parel City Mumbai
State Maharashtra Pincode 400013
Country India Telephone 9122-66626890/91/92
Fax 9122-66626893 Mobile
Website www.aarviencon.com Email info@aarviencon.com
Factory Employees 92 Other Employees 1574
Total Employees 1668 Paidup Capital 3.10 Crores
Reserves & Surplus 4.94 Crores Total Capital 8.04 Crores
SSI Registration number Chamber of Small Industry Asscn.No.119 Installed Capacity
Financial year 2006-07 2006-07 2008-09
Domestic  177.268  177.268  513.35
Exports  28.536  20.82  34.32
Total  205.504  375.17  547.67
Countries to which Exports have been affected  NA
ISO  YES, Regn. No. RQ 91/401
Certification  NA
Customer Group  Oil & Gas,Petroleum Refining,Power Generation,Petrochemicals ,Engineering,Chemicals,Fertilizers,Storage Terminals ,Pharmaceuticals,Textiles
Profile - Highlights  
Products manufactured  Main Services: Technical Manpower Outsourcing (Deputation of Qualified and experienced personal for short term and long term assignment in India and abroad) & Consultancy Services (Detailed engineering and project management consultancy providing services to refinery, petrochemical, Oil and Gas and Chemical Industry.
Joint Ventures  

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