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Equipment manufacturing companies, Fabricators and Component Manufacturers

  • The attributes of this sector are:

    • Most comprehensive in Asia in terms of variety of systems & equipment it can offer.
    • Total familiarity with all the major international manufacturing codes & practices like ASME, API, AD-Merkblatter, PD 5500, JIS, UBC, TEMA, Australian Code (AS), IS
    • Many workshops possess U, U2 & S stamps, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 quality assurance systems
    • Designs and manufactures wide variety of equipment like regenerator, hydro-treaters, hydro -crackers, tubular reactors, towers, columns, shell & tube heat exchangers, plate type exchangers, finned tube exchangers, pressure vessels, centrifuges, pumps, valves, furnaces, boilers.
    • Supply range includes modular & skid mounted subsystems.
    • Components include pipes, tubes, pipe fittings, fasteners, surface coatings, steel, welding electrodes & accessories and so on.
    • Uses all kinds of materials of construction like alloy steel, aluminum, titanium, tantalum, zirconium, other non ferrous metals, plastics, FRP and so on. Lined equipment and piping (rubber, polymer & thermoplastics) is also manufactured by members.


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