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Design, Engineering , Project Management & Quality Assurance Consultants

  • This sector has the following attributes

    • Large firms employing over two thousand persons managing mega projects like refineries & petrochemical complexes.
    • Smaller companies focused on specialized areas like specific product range, environment control & protection, sub-systems and plant utilities.
    • Companies use the latest internationally known design software as well as 3 D plant engineering tools.
    • Possess effective communication apparatus for data transfers internationally.
    • Quality assurance and certification companies with international accreditation 
    • Services for:

    Ø      Pr-investment & feasibility studies

    Ø      Environmental impact studies

    Ø      Procurement services

    Ø      Construction management

    Ø      Project management

    Ø      Commissioning assistance.

    Ø      Basic engineering & design, detailed engineering, in


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